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How should you brush your teeth if you have sensitive gums?

To avoid hurting sensitive gums when brushing, it is better to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles with rounded tips. The INAVA Surgical 15/100 toothbrush is ideal for this condition because it has extremely fine and soft bristles.

Be careful not to exacerbate gum hypersensitivity by using an excessively abrasive toothpaste. Instead choose a fluoride gel like ARTHRODONT Protect Gel.

For effective brushing without injuring the gums, move the head of the toothbrush in a circular motion over all the sides of the teeth. You should also tilt the brush to an angle of 45° on the gums, with the ends of the bristles towards the root of the teeth.

Always brush from the gum to the tip of the teeth (‘pink to white’) to avoid the bristles hitting the fragile edge of the gums.

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