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Eliminating hidden dental plaque

Even using a toothbrush that is effective against plaque, there will still be areas that the brush cannot get to. There is a variety of instruments and treatments available that restrict the proliferation of dental plaque and the build-up of tartar in these hard-to-reach zones.

Interdental brushes for wide interdental spaces

Interdental brushes can be used to eliminate dental plaque in the spaces between the teeth. There are different brush sizes available, suited to the differently sized spaces between the teeth. They must be used once a day.

Dental floss for narrower interdental spaces

For interdental spaces that are too narrow for a brush, impregnated dental floss is particularly useful for eliminating dental plaque. For example, INAVA Dentofil Chlorhexidine dental floss, which can be used once a day.

Mouthwashes to combat dental plaque

Mouthwashes, for example ELUDRIL Care, complete the oral hygiene process in areas that are impossible to reach with brushing or flossing methods.
They must be used once a day.

Looking after removable dentures

Those who wear removable dentures must follow the instructions given by their dentist concerning hygiene (brushing, soaking, for example), in order to eliminate the bacteria that develop.


Dental plaque is oral health’s enemy number one. Arm yourself against the bacteria that cause it by choosing the right weapons!

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