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How can you tell if you have dental plaque?

To check how effective your brushing method is against dental plaque, and improve it if necessary, there are dyes that can identify deposits of plaque that are invisible to the naked eye. Some of them even distinguish between new plaque and old plaque.

Dental plaque-disclosing agents

Dental plaque-disclosing dyes are available in liquid or solid form (chewable tablets). They are sold in pharmacies. They contain plant-based dyes that stain dental plaque to show it up.
Most often red in colour, some of these dyes react differently according to the age of the plaque: red for new plaque (unsolidified), blue for old plaque, for example.

How are dental plaque-disclosing products used?

After carefully brushing your teeth and rinsing, swish the dye all around the mouth for about thirty seconds, and then spit it out. All you then have to do is simply check in the mirror to see the areas that have been stained. This is where the dental plaque has resisted brushing, most commonly on the teeth at the back of the mouth (the molars).

When should dental plaque-disclosing products be used?

It is helpful to use these dental plaque-disclosing agents from time to time, to check your brushing technique. Alternatively, you can use them when you change toothbrush or toothpaste.
They are particularly useful to help children improve the way they brush their teeth. It is a fun way to show them that their efforts are not in vain, and motivate them to look after their teeth every day.


Dental plaque is oral health’s enemy number one. Arm yourself against the bacteria that cause it by choosing the right weapons!

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