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Adapting your diet in the case of dry mouth

When you suffer from dry mouth, it may be necessary to adapt your diet to reduce the discomfort. You should also avoid certain food that tends to accentuate the feeling of dryness in the mouth.

Adapt the texture of your food

If you suffer from dry mouth, it is better to eat soft food (soups, thin purees, custards, etc.) or soften it with butter or cream.
To reduce the discomfort, you can also rinse your mouth before and after each meal.

Eat cold or warm food

If it hurts to chew and swallow, eat cold or warm food rather than hot. Heat aggravates the discomfort of dry mouth.

Avoid food that exacerbates xerostomia

Food that is salty, dry or sticky (crisps, crackers, dried fruit, etc.), very sugary (soft drinks, sweets, etc.), acidic (citrus fruit juices, coffee, etc.) or spicy should be avoided if you suffer from dry mouth. Such food will be painful to the oral mucosa.

Avoid products containing alcohol

Note that, in order to avoid making dry mouth worse, it is best to avoid oral hygiene products (toothpastes, mouthwashes) that contain alcohol, a substance that has a drying effect on the oral mucosa.

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