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Relieving injuries caused by braces

Dental braces are becoming increasingly common, including among adults, which is a relatively recent phenomenon. Orthodontics can cause minor injuries to the mouth? How can they be remedied?

Irritation and minor wounds caused by dental braces



Wearing braces can cause irritation on the surface of the tongue, lips or inside the cheeks, due to the bracket attachment system or wires rubbing after they are fitted.
These mouth injuries are painful and uncomfortable, and so should be treated rapidly to encourage acceptance of the orthodontic treatment, particularly for children.





Protecting the painful areas





The painful areas must be protected from the part of the braces that is causing irritation, by applying protective wax (available from pharmacies) or silicone, until the irritation disappears. If the irritation continues, consult your dentist.
To apply the wax, take a small piece from the box and roll it up into the size of a pea. Squeeze the wax to form a small disc and use it to cover the part of the attachment causing the irritation or minor injury.
The wax is harmless, it can be swallowed or melt in the mouth.





Relieving discomfort





Solutions for mouthwashes or antiseptic and analgesic gels can be used. There are soothing, repairing and cleansing gels available that are specifically suited to mouth pains in children and teenagers. Pansoral REPAIR is a soothing gel that can be used from the age of three.
The gel formulation, designed to cover and properly adhere to the mucosa (film-forming or ?dressing? effect), isolates and protects the wound, adding a protective barrier effect.

In the event of complications, consult your dental surgeon without delay.



Where to find a drugstore ?