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Relieving injuries due to removable dentures

Removable dentures are, of course, improving all the time, but it is possible for them to cause minor injuries. While these are not serious, they can be uncomfortable or even painful, and nowadays this is easy to relieve or prevent.

Consult your dentist without delay

Removable dentures have edges made from hard resin which presses on the gum, sometimes inflicting minor injuries. This most commonly occurs just after new dentures are fitted, or when they are old and badly adjusted.
It is advisable to react as quickly as possible, as soon as the first pains appear, because they hinder adaptation to the dentures. The earlier the cause of the pain is removed, the quicker the injuries will heal.
These minor injuries may also indicate an alteration to the condition of the mouth and teeth, which can cause physical and psychological stress and affect quality of life.

Relieving pain, preventing infection and promoting healing

Gingival pastes, applied by massage or brushing, can relieve pain and treat the gums. Gingival pastes can be used in combination with a mouthwash.
Mouthwash solutions are highly recommended, particularly for hard-to-reach areas.
There are also treatment gels for local application, which not only relieve the discomfort caused by wearing dentures, but also help you quickly adjust to wearing them, as they reduce the irritation that dentures can cause. The gel also forms a protective film on the gums.
Pansoral REPAIR is a soothing and calming gel of this type, containing sucralfate, to encourage healing, and a soothing camomile extract.

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