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How should you react to slight bleeding of the gums?

It is not uncommon to find blood in the toothpaste you spit out after brushing your teeth. What should you make of it? What should you do? The answer depends on whether the bleeding is only occasional or recurrent.

Occasional bleeding of the gums

Sometimes the gums bleed on an exceptional basis, and this is not a sign of gum disease. It can be due to brushing the teeth too aggressively, injuries or burns from food, or a mouth ulcer, for example.
If you cannot identify any reasons to explain the bleeding, remain vigilant. If it recurs, you should consult your dentist. Remember, bleeding gums are not to be ignored!

Recurrent bleeding

Bleeding of the gums that recurs over a number of days, or even weeks, is very often related to gingivitis. Visually inspect your gums to look for redness, swelling or a shiny appearance.
In any case, you should consult your dentist without delay.
If your gums bleed repeatedly and you are taking medication, you should rapidly consult your general practitioner. It may be necessary to adjust the treatment.

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